Student Blogging Challenge: Who I am Online



At home I am an ordinary boy. But when I am online I like to go crazy, post comments,make avatars now lets talk about mine ok the peacock tail means I love peacocks the squid arms and legs mean I am interested in them the turtle shell means I would love to be a turtle the horns mean I never back down to a challenge.The water background means I am good at swimming Bryan out!…. 🙂

All about me.

Here are Ten things you might not know about me.

1. I love a good laugh.

2. I hate vegtables.

3. I love minecraft.

4. I love going to the cinema.

5. I love a good curry.

6. I like to ride my bike.

7. I will read a book anywhere once it is interesting.

8. I love going to the beach.

9. I have Type 1 Diabetes. “I hate needles”.

10. I would eat pancakes everyday.

My most favorite movies.

1. The maze runner.

2. Jurassic world.

3. The hunger games.

4. Hotel transylvania 2.

5. Flubber.

My favorite Authors.

1. David Walliams.

2. Jeff Kinney

3. Enid Blyton.

4. Roald Dahl.


Province- Munster

Catch The Little White Cat Kate………


I enjoyed this challenge 😉